Issue 24 (January 2020) Editorial:


As I look over the past several issues of the Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools, it strikes me anew that there is a very consistent set of issues that the pieces in this publication tackle. The widest theme—the interrogation of human existence itself that Krishnamurti pursued with fierce compassion over several decades. Then there are ruminations on individual spiritual or intellectual journeys in this context. Finally, many teachers write to us detailing specific experiences and insights in classrooms over the years.

Issue 24 contains many such valuable articles written by teachers, on both the structural as well as the personal nature of the learning moment. There are pieces on, for example, children learning about social contexts of extreme deprivation, questioning their own social location, and learning about the fragility and beauty of an ecosystem. 

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Venkatesh Onkar

All articles in this issue may be read online on this website.