Live not by intellect alone; for that way leads to perversion, the mechanization of life. It is hard, cruel and denies the beauty of life. It leads to hypocrisy and cunningness, to complexity and to nothingness. All its vast edifices, theories, glories and conceptions do not hold the loveliness of life. They are empty shells, without reality. Live not by intellect alone. Live by the harmony of thought and love, live in the intensity of their own completeness, live in their serenity. Live by that harmony, for it is beyond time and space and cruelty of change. It is simple, for it is rich in its completeness. It is fearless, free, and it cannot dwell in the mystery of sanctuaries and rites. It is the very being of man, the very loveliness of life. It knows no solitude, no want. It neither gives nor takes. It is the pure, everlasting perception of life. It exists in its own beauty. Live by that harmony of reason and love and you shall know the bliss, the serenity of truth.

It is not annihilation, a state of negation, to destroy the illusion of self, the I, the I was, the I am, the I shall be. Out of this consciousness of the I, there arises strife, struggle, misery. To be sorrowless, is it negation? To be effortless, annihilation? To be concentrated in completeness, unaware of the opposites, nothingness? To be free of hatred, greed, oppression, greed and cruelty? With anxious fears and their corrupting illusions, how can you abide with truth? With false gods and gloomy sanctuaries, aching worship and burning desires, how can you comprehend the loveliness of life? Burdened with these, the understanding of truth is lost. And you call that which has no beginning and no end, that which is the heart of all things, that which is whole, complete, everlasting, you call annihilation, disintegration, nothingness.