Resurgence is a magazine published every two months from Cornwall, U.K. since 1966. It is 'an international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking' and publishes articles written by a wide variety of writers and activists who have a feeling for the environment and do something about it. A typical issue contains feature articles on diverse areas such as the 35, 000 year old cave paintings found recently in France and on the myth of progress. Special sections on the economy, science and native crafts from all over the world are followed by a large number of pages devoted to reviews of books. Not surprisingly, the books cover an eclectic range of subjects from alternative medicine to mystical poetry to the powers of the press. The Jan-Feb 1999 issue has an article on the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary in the Western Ghats, of which teachers in the KFI schools would be aware. The magazine, expertly edited by Satish Kumar, is well illustrated with drawings and photographs of a high order. It is beautifully printed on partly recycled paper and is priced at $7 a copy (£ 3.95). The annual subscription for overseas readers is $45, which is reasonable going by the contents alone, besides its being for a cause dear to all thoughtful people.

Address for subscription: Jeanette Gill, Rockseas Farmhouse, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, Cornwall, PUO, 3BR. Telephone/Fax (01208) 841824. Website: