The Post School Programme, located at the Bangalore Education Centre of KFI, is an attempt to extend these concerns of the Krishnamurti Schools to high school graduates and other young adults. Students who have passed their twelfth standard, including those who may wish to pursue an undergraduate degree though distance-learning, as well as young adults who wish to take a year off for self-enquiry, are eligible to apply for this programme. An important part of this essentially individualized programme is to help the young person to discover what he or she loves to do and explore possible areas for a vocation that is not merely a career.

With the Post-School programme well into its second year, we asked a small group among the post-school students to reflect on their reasons for opting for the programme and what the experience has meant for them. They were asked to respond to a set of broad questions. We share here excerpts from what they wrote.


The Purpose of The Post School Programme

In today’s fast paced and demanding world, the anxiety of earning a livelihood starts from a young age and dominates thinking as well as educational processes. The emphasis is almost entirely on passing examinations and preparing for a career. Adults and children alike, worry that ignoring the competitive environment, will leave us behind and make us dull and mediocre.

There is perhaps a totally different way of discovering a means of livelihood. This may be through finding out what one loves to do, what comes naturally and effortlessly, in the exercise of which there is a sense of creative happiness. The discovery of one’s vocation requires space and leisure and freedom from anxiety, envy and comparison.

More important than finding a vocation is self-knowing. To know oneself, that is, to understand oneself, one must watch one’s habits, patterns, and reactions as they surface in daily life. A choiceless awareness of these patterns is the beginning of freedom. This is perhaps crucial for a young person–as the foundation of a stable life is in self-knowing.

(Extract from the Post School brochure)

Reflections on the Post-School Experience